Fortunes Without Cookies Candles

A candle brand and concept created for House of Velas

Details, details, details! Fortunes Without Cookies is a candle brand with relatable, tongue in cheek editions to capture every consumer. Giftable, instagramable, personal, and relatable is the recipe for success for the 2021 consumer, and this collection covers it all. The details are what help make this product feel special, rather than just another candle. The sturdy, cylinder box packaging is a luxe touch and the embossed wood wicks add an individualistic flare to a status quo candle market.

House of Velas

Brand Identity, Naming, Collateral Design, Web Design

When Dominican Republic based candle company, Velas Hispaniola, decided to branch out to reach the American candle market, they were not entirely sure what that would look like. Their rich heritage and roots in the Dominican Republic were important to them, and they wanted the branding to feel classic and timeless. “Velas”, meaning candle in Spanish, and “House of”, embodying specialization and quality, combine to give off a refined impression with a nod to cultural diversity and heritage. Candles come and go, but this brand is here to stay.

Finn Santo

Brand Identity, Collateral Design, Web Design

Finn Santo is a grandmillennial shopping experience merging both the old and the new. Jewelry, antiques, hand poured candles, trinket trays, and ginger jars are just a few of the types of items visionary and owner, Yvonne Arnold, sources and curates for her brand. Close attention to detail is woven into all areas of her business, so naturally the Finn Santo branding project was no different. We decided on a custom serif typeface with negative space accents, mixing a classic with a modern twist. The color palette’s modest hues of sage and slate make the consumer feel at ease upon entering and effortlessly compliment the eclectic treasures you may find yourself taking home.

Garden & Gun

Photography, Layout Design, Social Media

Have you ever just really loved a brand? I mean start to finish, head to toe, they could do nothing wrong in your eyes? Well, that is how I feel about Garden & Gun. Their content, photography, events, brands they work with, it all resonates with me and my lifestyle so well! I’m always photographing the experiences and scenery around me and I love putting together social media posts, so I thought this would be a fun exercise to showcase my photography, my ability to work within brand standards, and a little bit of my own personality and life! These projects and images were done as a creative exercise, they are not officially affiliated with Garden & Gun.

RMS Beauty Holiday 2022 Campaign

Photoshoot Campaign Concept & Execution

I knew exactly what I wanted to do when asked to brainstorm for the RMS Beauty Holiday 2022 Campaign. The brand had recently undergone a facelift to refresh their overall feel and reflect their largest growing customer category – 20-30’s women! With this in mind, my visions was to throw the Holiday party every woman would want to attend, and use models that look like some of their closest friends. What is the first step of getting party ready? Makeup!

I meticulously planned out the photoshoot to ensure I would have a wide variety of the shots I knew were need for things like ads, emails, web banners, and social. I have an eye for directing the photographer in a way that allows them to perform their magic while also maintaining the integrity of the makeup and allowing for necessary spacing for designed assets in the future.

All photographs, designs, and assets shown here are the property of RMS Beauty. Photography done by Lindsey Shorter. Designs done by Rachel Allison.

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