Something Old. Something New.

Hi there! I have this little story to tell you.


Once upon a time there was a girl with a big dream. For years she researched, planned and practiced her skills, so that one day she could become a wedding photographer. But fate had other plans. She still chased the dream of becoming a photographer, but wedding photography was a scary unknown land that she veered away from. She ventured down the path of portrait photography for years, thinking simple and safe was much better. It was simple and safe, but where was the risk and challenge? Where was the adventure?

After two years of traveling down the safe path, that wedding crossroads met her once more. This time she was a little braver and armed with more faith and desire to take the risk. So, she took the leap and traveled on.

~ The End. Beginning. ~


(Do you like my silly story? hehe!)

I am going back to this old dream that I had once upon a time, but had let fade away! I am so excited to create and share your love stories beginning this fall! More details about inquiries, booking and the experience coming soon!


In case you were wondering why I changed my facebook page and created this new site, well now you know!


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