A Ranch Engagement >> Joe & Lindsay

I am so excited to share Joe and Lindsay’s ranch engagement photos! Lindsay is one of the people who convinced me to take the leap into photographing weddings, as I couldn’t refuse the opportunity to capture my best friend marrying the guy of her dreams.


It all began, when Joe and Lindsay were introduced by mutual friends over six years ago. He was finishing college at Reedley, while she began attending Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo. She knew he was a keeper when they met, but not quite time for their love story to begin, they both went separate ways, until a phone call brought them back together. Since that call, they haven’t gone a day without talking. Him in Hanford and her in Sonora, their relationship has grown over the distance with over two years of phone calls, road trips and weekend visits.


This winter, after spending the holidays with family and just before the new year began, Joe took Lindsay for a trip back to San Luis Obispo. They enjoyed the coast for a day and had lunch at the Custom House in Avila, before taking a walk along the beach. As the day faded away, he surprised her with a ring and a proposal, to which of course she said yes.



As I was taking photos we joked around that they just have to “act like they love each other,” but there is no faking how well they fit together and how much they love each other. Joe and Lindsay, I am so excited to photograph your big day this summer and look forward to all the exciting moments that lay ahead!

Keep your eyes out for a look at the fun and unique Save The Date photos that we created during this session.
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