Engagement In The Mountains >> Derek & Rachel

This engagement is so close to my heart, since it is my own brother, Derek, and soon to be sister-in-law, Rachel! I can hardly wait for the amazing wedding they will have! Check out the first few photos from their rainy session >> Rainy Day Romance. Here’s their love story

He first noticed her the moment they met. They were introduced as she got ready to perform with her band at Heart Rock Cafe. She was the pretty girl who was too shy to stick around past hello.


Later that summer, they saw each other for the second time, while hanging out with a group of mutual friends in Pinecrest. She first noticed him, after a small fire was (“legally, very legally”) set by his best friend, prompting him to pull a fire extinguisher out of his backpack and show off his fire extinguishing skills. Guess you could say that’s when the sparks flew ;)


Skip ahead. Quite a few months ahead. To their first date. On a winter evening in February, they talked over coffee in Starbucks, as the snow fell quietly outside. Not wanting the evening to end too soon, they took a drive up to Pinecrest where they found a bench overlooking the lake. Once the sky cleared up, they watched the stars and talked about each others plans for the future.


Over the next several months they bonded over their love for the outdoors and adventure. They went on hikes together and he taught her how to rock climb. When she bought her own pair of climbing shoes she knew it was a commitment. A $90 commitment she was going to keep dating this guy. They braved steep mountainsides, belaying and trusting each other.

Gradually they both fell in love.
She knew she was in love with him when she earnestly prayed that he would be the one for her.
He knew he was in love with her when he stopped praying he would find the one for him.



Then came the proposal. Derek was planning it for a while and saving up money for a ring. That was until he was given a family heirloom, the vintage engagement ring and wedding band from his great grandparent’s 58 year marriage. After a few failed plans to take a trip to Yosemite for the big surprise, he decided on that place their story kept coming back to, Pinecrest.

As much as he tried to keep it a secret, she had been on to his plan for a while. They had already talked about marriage and his determination to go to Yosemite and not so subtle “This is going to be the best Christmas ever” convinced her. So, she bought him a ring too.

It was Christmas night and he finally broke Rachel away from the festivities. They were drinking hot chocolate by a small fire when he proposed. That was when she said yes and took the ring for him out of her pocket.





They are planning a late August wedding in none other than, the place they first hung out, spent their first date and got engaged, Pinecrest.



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  1. so cute!!!!! so happy you guys are almost married!!!! yaya, we will be able to go on awesome trips now

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