Five Fave Blogs

Blogging is the strangest thing, the way we share our lives with an anonymous crowd on the internet. I always feel a mix of nerves, excitement and hope when I post something; a piece of my work and life. So, I have the utmost respect for those that beautifully share their work and glimpses of their life time after time. I decided to share a few of my favorite bloggers with you.

I have to say feel a little silly writing about these blogs, because when you’ve been reading a blog for long enough you feel like you actually know the person. The blogs I love the most belong to those who write and photograph straight from the heart.


>> Jamie Delaney
I have been following this lovely lady’s blog for several years now. When I first started reading it, I quickly related to her posts about being in her early twenties and running a business, sneaking away to cafes to read and write and her awesome heart for Jesus. She is also an amazing photographer!

>> Hannah Nicole
I think I found this one on Pinterest, after clicking through a charming photograph. I was hooked once I discovered she loves quotes as much as me. Hannah is one of my favorite lifestyle photographers. The way she can make you feel like you are there, whether it’s a wedding or an ordinary Wednesday. I adore her photography and writing so much.

>> Sincerely, Kinsey
This blog has a delightful mix of photos from trips around the country, little DIY projects (Kinsey’s a contributor for A Beautiful Mess …another great blog) and photo sessions. She also shares her outfits every now and again, that evoke a wonderful mix of girly and edgy.

>> Story Of My Life The Blog
I discovered this blog most recently, thanks to her Blog Every Day In May Challenge, that I saw on another blog. The challenge being responsible for this here blog post and possibly a few future ones. Blogger Jenni, writes as if you’re just a friend out to coffee with her and has an entertaining sense of humor.

>> You Are My Wild
You Are My Wild is an amazing collective blog, where fourteen photographers share a weekly photograph of each of their children. I hardly have words for this one. It is simply awesome and evokes the greatness of childhood.

What are your favorite blogs right now?


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