Mountainside Bridals

It started with cloudy skies threatening rain.

Rachel riding in the passenger seat, “It would be awesome if it rained!” As raindrops sporadically fell, “A raindrop!” pointing to each one as they hit the windshield. We traveled into the forest, “Another raindrop!” I guess she enjoyed our previous adventure in the rain, for her engagement photos.

We drove up various dirt roads, just calling out left or right anytime we came to a fork in the road. Eventually we found our first spot. A forest of Aspens surrounding a meadow with an old split rail fence and the view of a mountain.

And some rain!

Gathering up her dress’ train, Rachel strolled into the meadow, with an entourage of umbrellas and sheets to claim her haven under the clouds.





A special thanks to Matthew Allison for four-wheel-driving, assisting & second shooting! The 4th & 11th shots photographed by Matthew. Also, thanks to Susan for being our umbrella holding and dress protecting  assistant! Such a fun adventure!

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Take a look at ~ BEHIND A BRIDAL SHOOT ~ for a peek in behind the scenes of this adventure.

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