The Wonderful Inbetweens of January

“Beginnings are usually scary, endings are usually sad,
but it’s what’s in the middle that counts.

So when you find yourself at the beginning,
just give hope a chance to float up. And it will.”
~Hope Floats (movie)

The wonderful inbetweens of my life lately…
  1. A spontaneous weekend roadtrip to the coast.
  2. Just a random tea bag quote I enjoyed.
  3. Evening visit to Monterey for coffee and a walk along Cannery Row.
  4. Got a sketch book & finally started sketching again, after a few years haiatus.
  5. Been playing with the PicLab app to add overlays.
  6. Sometimes you just need a movie night with hot molasses milk.
  7. A lovely design consult for an online shop I’m designing.
  8. Started introducing some awesome new keepsakes for 2014.
  9. Crocheting away for my Etsy shop.
  10. Back to writing/journaling more often.
  11. An afternoon adventuring.
  12. My favorite sunset lately. After the first real rain in a long time.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. charleen2014 says:

    You have really captured your feeling and thoughts in january. :) . The set of photographs work well together and i like how you have done this. Currently studying at Degree level in UK so this style really caught my eye. Visually it says everything your text says.

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