Then There Were Four

On a cool coastal morning, before the sun rise, Devin, Laura, and I make our way to the hospital. Windshield wipers clean foggy windows and a bright crescent moon hangs low in the dawn sky.

Inside the birth center, the halls hold the quiet bustle of another day just beginning. Laura gets checked in and hooked up to an IV. A nurse struggles to find the right spot to monitor the baby boy’s heartbeat, since he keeps kicking, moving around and hiding from the sonogram. Making everyone laugh as we look forward to meeting him so soon.

Once it’s time, Laura and Devin walk to the operating room and share a quick kiss before she steps into the room. While waiting in the hall, Devin and I exchange memories of how different it is to stand in the same place we were over three years ago. That time we were leaning against the wall instead of pacing. That little girl we had once waited for, was now at home, eating breakfast with her grandparents and waiting to meet her little brother.

After Devin goes into the room, I pace and watch the clock. I intently listen for a cry. The first cry. Just after 8am a nurse cheerfully pushes a newborn bed down the hall and opens the operating room’s door. Those first cries softly ring through the door, getting louder as the door swings open. “I just love that! New baby cries!” The nurse says to me as she smiles and cruises right back down the hall.

Moments later, a swaddled baby lays in that little bed, being pushed down the hall towards me. His dad’s face beaming as his hands hold his new son steady, moving forward into a whole new world.

With a full head of hair and dark eyes the little one is crying away. A smiling Laura, gets wheeled into the recovery room. She says “Hey Caleb. It’s okay.” And just like that he stops crying to listen.

But because my servant Caleb
has a different spirit and follows me wholeheartedly,
I will bring him into the land…

~ Numbers 14:24


birth photography






4 Comments Add yours

  1. Laura Allison says:

    Thank you for helping make our special day more special and beautiful! Thank you for your beautiful pictures and for putting our story together with just the right words and Bible verse. It means so much to us that you are a part of the story. You make me cry happy tears! :) Love you Rachel!

    1. Thankful I could be a part of it! Love you too Laura!

  2. Jan McCorkle says:

    Beautifully written. How neat that Caleb and his parents will have the beginning of his story documented in such a creative way!

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