This Year of Moments

There’s nothing quite like looking back through a whole year of photographs, remembering all those moments they were captured in. A couple days ago I was trying to find the right collection of photos to highlight this last year. As I clicked through all the folders on my computer and searched for favorites, I just felt so thankful.

This year I photographed my nephew’s first moments in the world, adventures in the wilderness and days by the ocean. I ran through cornstalks, had picnic lunches in beautiful places, climbed a mountain and collected wildflowers. I went on different roadtrips just to eat cotton candy with family, walk through a vineyard or watch fireworks light up the countryside.

It is so refreshing to look back and see the amazing people I’m surrounded by, the fun adventures I embarked on and those lovely moments I was able to be a part of.

rachel-allison-creative sonora-newborn-portrait

adventure-photography birth photography

newborn-portrait carmel-beach-2269_b

2014-fall-fashion-0146-b july4-photography-14 I hope you had an amazing year full of all those little moments that really matter!

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