A Different Story To Tell

It’s almost midnight, I’m in my bed listening to The Lumineers and writing under the glow of twinkle lights strung along my window. In the last two years I have written and rewritten pieces of my story and struggled with how and when to share it. Here I sit, once more, hoping to find the right words to finally break my silence.

It took a while to learn to accept that it’s a different story I was given to tell.

I wanted so badly to write about overcoming a challenge and returning to my life of photography and storytelling. I kept waiting for the day when I could write that I was getting back to my dream job. It took a while to learn to accept that it’s a different story I was given to tell. So here I am, taking a deep breath and a vulnerable leap, to tell you why I’ve been away.


I don’t know exactly when it started, but I do know April 8th will always be etched into my mind as a turning point in my life. The day I lay in the back of an ambulance, far away from home, in the middle of Missouri. The day the first doctor of many would want to run more tests. The day I began to pray, “Your will, not mine.”

Over the course of nine months, I saw various doctors, had numerous tests done and received several different diagnoses. It wasn’t until December 2015 that a kidney biopsy would lead to the biggest diagnosis. A few days before Christmas I was told I have a rare kidney disease. I started treatment three days before my birthday.


There isn’t an easy way to explain what lies ahead as far as my health prognosis. As of now, I am going through a second round of treatment. There isn’t a cure, but treatment is a way of managing and hopefully sending my kidney disease and the complications it causes into remission.

I am hopeful that this is the last round of treatment and I will only get stronger and eventually return to photographing and adventuring more.

But, if the road ahead isn’t that simple, I am determined to keep photographing and creating stories as much as I am able. So, here I am returning to my blog after several years away.


I hope you’ll follow along as I relaunch my business and begin to share this new journey of mine with you.

Find me on Instagram  @rachelacreative

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  1. Tammy says:

    Rachel, we never know what journey we will take in this crazy world, but thankfully, gloriously, we have a Heavenly Father that goes before us, goes behind us and has laid His hand upon us.
    I can remember sitting with you in the hospital when you were younger and so very vulnerable in that situation, a couple of very scary days for your folks. But God brought you through then and has a plan even now. Praying you will hold tighter to Him than you ever have, and see the wonders He has put before you. He’s given you an eye to see beauty, keep looking, and I will look forward to seeing it unfold through your eyes.
    Sending love and praying for you. (Want me to bring a book and read to you again?😉 You probably don’t even remember those days, but the Lord did some awesome things.)

    1. Thanks for your encouraging words & prayers Tammy!

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