I have so enjoyed spending the last four years of my professional career in the candle and production industry. There are just some things they just can’t teach you in school, and I have learned so much about the world of design here. It is rare to get an opportunity as a designer to be as creative and imaginative as possible with little to no limitations. In a lot of design jobs we are restricted by previously set brand standards or other various limitations. With candles, I have been tasked with following trends, thinking outside of the box, and putting myself in the mind of a variety of consumers. From labels, to vessels and lids, to outside packaging like boxes, I have designed it all. It all starts with inspiration, that then leads to digital brainstorming, which leads us to digital sell sheets, then eventually the physical product. Let me show you a few of the many sell sheet designs I have created over the years. Just click an image to see the full picture!

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