Let’s Talk Photography

Photography is the way someone sees the world. That is why finding the right photographer, subject, props, scenery, and subject are so important for your brand voice, campaign, or socials. The pictures you choose to represent your brand speak directly to who you are and who you are trying to reach. I have always lovedContinue reading “Let’s Talk Photography”

Let’s Talk Illustrations

Illustrations have the potential to dictate the tone of a brand or campaign, that is why they are so important! Finding your style as a brand is essential in keeping a brand tone consistent. Hand drawn illustrations leave a more personal and intimate impression, while simplified or bold vector graphics may convey a more modernContinue reading “Let’s Talk Illustrations”

Let’s Talk Candles

I have so enjoyed spending the last four years of my professional career in the candle and production industry. There are just some things they just can’t teach you in school, and I have learned so much about the world of design here. It is rare to get an opportunity as a designer to beContinue reading “Let’s Talk Candles”

Let’s Talk Logos

I love branding projects! Whether it is a start from scratch situation or a re-brand, I just love the potential to reinvent and define ourselves through design. I enjoy sitting down with my clients to go over their hopes and dreams and all of the goals they hope their branding will accomplish. I enjoy seeingContinue reading “Let’s Talk Logos”

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