This Year of Moments

This year I photographed my nephew’s first moments in the world, adventures in the wilderness and days by the ocean. I ran through cornstalks, had picnic lunches in beautiful places, climbed a mountain and collected wildflowers. I went on different roadtrips just to eat cotton candy with family, walk through a vineyard or watch fireworks light up the countryside.

The Sunlight Paints Us Gold

Goodbye summer! This summer has been a sweet mix of little adventures. Dipping my toes in the ocean, hiking in the forest and watching fireworks explode above the countryside. Sometimes I brought my camera along and captured the moments and others I simply soaked into my memory. Here are a few of my favorites.

Mattos One Year Anniversary

I’m so thankful I was able to hold such a special place in your wedding! Everything from the fun of your archery engagement shoot to the excitement right before you walked down the aisle and sneaking away from the reception for photos dancing, while the sunset lit up the sky. I hope you two had a wonderful weekend celebrating your first year of marriage!

Mr & Mrs Allison >> Wedding Story

This is the story of Derek & Rachel’s wedding day. My brother and now sister-in-law! If you go back to the beginning of this love story, Derek caught Rachel’s eye for the first time when he used a fire extinguisher to put out a fire. There’s just something about fire that seems to correlate with the milestones in…

This Moment

It’s amazing how one little moment can hold the emotion, anticipation, hope and love of years. Just one split second.

Engagement Photo Creations

I love how much Joe and Lindsay decided to incorporate their engagement photos into their wedding! There are so many ways you can create custom keepsakes from photographs and tell a story. Here’s a peek at the Custom Engagement Guestbook/Album. It’s a wonderful way to collect notes and well-wishes from loved ones, while showing your…