A Different Story To Tell

It took a while to learn to accept that it’s a different story I was given to tell. So here I am, taking a deep breath and a vulnerable leap, to tell you why I’ve been away.

This Year of Moments

This year I photographed my nephew’s first moments in the world, adventures in the wilderness and days by the ocean. I ran through cornstalks, had picnic lunches in beautiful places, climbed a mountain and collected wildflowers. I went on different roadtrips just to eat cotton candy with family, walk through a vineyard or watch fireworks light up the countryside.

Allison One Year Anniversary

It was one year ago that they exchanged their vows among the trees. Through our adventures shooting their engagement photos in the rainy mountains, creating bridal portraits and planning a wedding amidst a wildfire, it was the kind of wedding story you can’t plan and seemingly all too fitting for their unique love story.

Mattos One Year Anniversary

I’m so thankful I was able to hold such a special place in your wedding! Everything from the fun of your archery engagement shoot to the excitement right before you walked down the aisle and sneaking away from the reception for photos dancing, while the sunset lit up the sky. I hope you two had a wonderful weekend celebrating your first year of marriage!

Caleb // Newborn Lifestyle Portraits

The little details are more than just a moment when they were small. They’re those glimpses into the future and the bits of personality we are instantly born with. Deep blue curious eyes and kicking feet. Signs of all the beautiful memories waiting to be created. The littleness may fade so swiftly, but years from now you can pour over photographs together…